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While Limousine Baltimore can't list exact prices due to the fluid structure of our pricing model, we can tell you right off the bat that we offer the most for your money here in Maryland when compared to other limousine rental companies. We have put in thousands of hours of hard work to make sure that our vehicles are the finest in their class, that they are upgraded to the highest capacity, and that they are maintained to perfection to result in lower fuel costs and fewer repair expenses. Limousine Baltimore is able to pass that on to you, the customer, and that results in a much happier experience on the road for you!

Beyond just extra time spend on maintaining and upgrading vehicles, all of us at Limousine Baltimore are very proud of the pricing structure that we have worked so hard on, which allows us to offer you a dynamic price each day, carefully calculated according to fuel prices, traffic levels, and other daily factors that can save you money. Where other companies offer a standard price from day to day, Limousine Baltimore's fluctuating prices allow you to save money when you book on a weekday or during off-peak times.

A great tip to save you both time and money is to begin planning your Limousine Baltimore trip as early in advance as you possibly can. This gives you more room to choose the days that you'll be traveling, and you may be able to rook a less expensive price by doing so! You'll also be much more likely to be able to secure the day of your choice, since the earlier you call, the less chance there is that another customer has already booked that day, time, and vehicle. If you wait until the last minute, you might end up stuck with a more expensive company that offers much less for your money. Choosing us and calling early can be the best decisions you make.

We often offer unique wedding packages that include red carpet service, interior and exterior decor for the limousine, bottled water and champagne for you and your guests, and even extra time on the road for free when you book your bachelor or bachelorette party at the same time. We can take you to the ceremony, to the reception, and even to the honeymoon in many cases! There's truly no better limousine company in Maryland to take care of your wedding day transportation needs, and we hope you will consider us for your big day and for all the events that come afterward.

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The office staff here at Limousine Baltimore would love to have the chance to speak on the phone with you about our prices and all the things that we can offer for your big event, and we're also happy to take care of all the planning via email if you prefer. Whatever we can do to make it easier and more affordable for you, you can rest assured that we will put in the effort and do it. When you're ready to discuss your trip!

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