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Does your son or daughter just go nuts about animals? Are they always begging you to take them to the zoo? Then we think we have just the thing for their birthday party. Instead of going with the same old same old like pizza and pin the tail on the donkey, why not rent a mobile petting zoo. That's right, there are companies who will bring the animals to you. Talk about the kids being in heaven. Your backyard will be turned from grass and fencing to numerous animals running all over and just waiting for the kids to come out and love on them. Some petting zoos even allow people to brush the animals or feed them. Now, this kind of party is going to be some major fun. We suggest that you start searching around the Baltimore area for Petting Zoos. And don't forget to take this guide with you everywhere you go because it will help you not only locate some candidates but it will help you latch onto the high quality petting zoo that you will be more than satisfied with.

So, where in the world do you find petting zoos in your area that you can consider booking for your birthday party? Well, you can start by talking to your family, friends and coworkers about whether they have ever booked a petting zoo for any kind of event Or maybe they have been to an event as a chaperone and they saw what a wonderful time this kind of vendor provided for the children. If this is the case, get the name of the provider and jot it down. Also, avail yourself of the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “petting zoos in the Baltimore area.” Start sifting through the links that come back and check out each website for petting zoos. Look at their portfolio of pictures and determine whether you like what you see and what the provider brings to the table in terms of quality. Ponce you have a few names to check into, call up each provider and ask them if they are available for your date. If they are, setup a time to talk to them about what they can bring to your birthday party.

When you meet with each candidate, there are some specific questions that you need to have at the ready because you need to have the ability to make an informed decision. The first question you need to ask about is how many animals will be coming and what types of animals will be included? How much space will they need to setup the petting zoo in your yard? Now, to the key question that we know you have been wondering about. What will your backyard look like when the animals leave? Who will clean up? You want to make sure that the answer that they give you is that it will look exactly as they found it. The provider should clean up anything and everything that the animals left behind. Are they licensed and insured? You never know so make sure you and the kids are protected. Will the kids be shown clearly what they can and cannot do? Of course, you need to know how much all of this is going to cost you. Once you are completely satisfied and blown away by a candidate, ask for a contract and let the petting begin.