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You have probably heard the old song, “Bring in the Clowns.” Well, that is exactly what we are proposing for your son or daughter's birthday party that is coming up. When it comes to upping the entertainment value of a birthday party or any event for that matter, there is truly nothing like hiring a quality clown. The right clown will have everyone laughing and rolling in the aisles. That is provided your child likes or doesn't mind clowns. There are a few kids that have a fear of clowns for some reason and you will want to make sure that yours does not before you do any hiring. The last thing that you want is for the guest of honor to be running and screaming as they attempt to escape away from the main entertainment. Keep in mind that the really good ones will get booked at least a month in advance so the earlier you start your search the better. The key to finding the right clown is to start searching around the Baltimore area for quality candidates. Once you have that, you can use this guide to help you focus in on the perfect clown for your birthday party.

So, you are probably wondering where in the world can you find clowns? The answer to that question may be easier than you imagine. Start by asking your family, friends and coworkers if they have ever had to hire a professional clown before. If they have, they could be an excellent source of information. And don't forget about the world wide web, this is a source that you do not want to neglect. Do a Google search for “clowns in the Baltimore area.” Start clicking on all of the links that you get back and try and determine which ones you want to talk to about your party needs. It is imperative that you meet each candidate that you are interested in face to face to determine whether they are someone you would hire. Check with each person on your list to see if they are available on the date that you are having your birthday party. Once they have confirmed that they are available, setup an interview.

We realize that you have probably never had to interview a clown before so here are some questions that you will want to be sure and ask. Ask about their background and how they got into the clown business in the first place. How much experience do they have performing at children's events? Do they target a specific age? How long will they perform? What kind of activities will they do with the kids? Can you look at any video recordings of a performance? Can they provide you with references? Make sure that you understand what you will be receiving if you hire them. How much do they charge? What is their personality like? Do you think they would work well with the kids? If there is anything off putting or odd about the way they act, move onto the next candidate. Do not neglect to do a background check on the candidate that you hone in on as the one you want for your birthday party.