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You are smack dab in the middle of planning your son or daughter's birthday party and you want so badly to get everything just right. Part of getting everything just right depends very heavily on the entertainment portion of the party. Perhaps you have went back and forth over a few different options and you just couldn't make up your mind on the perfect choice. Well, can we make a suggestion? We believe that you just can't beat renting a bounce house for a birthday party or for that matter, any kind of kid's event. We all know that kids love to run and jump and bounce around. And with a professional bounce house, they will have ample opportunity and special equipment that is made just for that purpose. Who knows, you might even get an adult or two to climb in and the kids would just love that. But before you rent one, there are some factors to think about, namely that the bounce house that you rent be of the utmost quality. Knowing that you have probably never had to seek out a bounce house provider before, we took the liberties to put together this guide which will help you not only find some quality providers but also identify which specific bounce house provider is the one that you so richly deserve.

Now, to tackle the task at hand. You need to find some quality candidates in the Baltimore area. There are a couple of different paths you can pursue. The first thing we recommend that you try is to harness the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “bounce house providers in the Baltimore area.” This search should give you a number of results that you will want to check into. Start perusing the websites and make a determination as to whether you think the vendor is professional and of a higher quality. If you feel that way, jot down their name and contact information in order to keep a list of potential vendors for your party. Also, you never know what you might be able to glean from your family, friends and coworkers. Maybe someone you know has either rented a bounce house or experienced on at a party that they thought was exceptional. Once you have a nice list going, start calling each provider and setup a date and time to tour their facility and ask some questions.

Once you are face to face with a vendor at their facility, there are some questions that you need to get some answers to. Find out if they are licensed? There are laws in place to protect you. Never take a chance on a company that doesn't think enough of their customers to be licensed. Are they insured? If an accident happens which is always possible, you will be left in a very precarious position if they are not. Do they update their inventory on a regular basis? You don't want something showing up at your party that is old, used and dirty. How much cleaning does a unit go through between uses? This is a must because it is very insanitary to let a bounce house go from customer to customer without being cleaned. How much setup does a unit require? How many people at the company know how to setup the bounce houses. You need to ask this because if there is only one person that does the setup and they get sick, what will the backup plan be? One last thing that you want to pay attention to. How do they treat you as a customer? Do you feel like you are treated with respect and that they really appreciate you as a customer. One last thing. Make sure that they show you some of the bounce houses that they actually send out. That way you will be able to judge for yourself whether the units are of a quality that is acceptable to you.